Vocatonal Training

APPAREL TRAINING & DESIGN CENTER   (India s Largest Vocational Training Provider for the Apparel Sector)



  1. Advance Apparel Manufacturing (1Year)
  2. Advance Fashion Design(1 year)

Qualifications;- Intermediate

DIPLOMA Programmes:

  1. Apparel Manufacturing Technology with Woven(1year)
  2. Fashion Design Technology(1year)
  3. Apparel Quality & Assurance Compliance(1year)
  4. Apparel Pattern Making & CAD (1year)
  5. Textile Design Technology(1year)

Qualifications;- Intermediate / 12 class.


  1. Apparel Pattern Making(6months)
  2. Apparel Manufacturing Technology, Knits(6months)
  3. Apparel Manufacturing Technology(6months)
  4. Apparel Production & Quality Control(6months)
  5. Textile Garment Testing & Quality Control(6months)
  6. Apparel Export Merchandised(6months)
  7. Garment Constructing Techniques(4months)
  8. Software Applications in Pattern making(3months)
  9. Software Applications in Textile Designing(3months)
  10. Software Applications in Apparel Merchandising(2months)
  11. Software Applications in Fashion Design(8months)
  12. Retail Sales Associates(6months)
  13. Tailor-Basic Sewing Operator(2.5months)

Qualifications:- SSC/10class/Inter/8class/etc.,


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