Scholarships for PH Students 2017 Details

Scholarships for PH Students 2017 Scholarships for PH StudentsScholarships for PH Students

“National Handicapped Finance & Development Corporation”
Scholarships for PH Students 2500 Students;-

Graduate Courses:     =Rs.2500/-(monthly) + Rs.6000/-(pa)
Post-Graduate courses:     =Rs.3000/-(monthly) + Rs.10000/-(pa)

Students Studying “Degree or Post Graduate level technical/professional courses”

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  • The Scheme is to provide financial assistance to the differently-able students to pursue courses
  • Differently-able students face several barriers physical, financial, psychological, mental in studies
  • Students are deprive of harnessing their latent skills
  • & thereby miss the opportunity to earn their livelihood/dignify place in society
  • The scheme is to pursue professional/technical/skill development courses

Number of Scholarships for PH Students 2017:-

  • To start with every year 2500 scholarships will provide to the differently-able students in the country
  • 30% scholarships will be reserve for girls, /will be transferable to male, on non-availability of females


  • These scholarships will be available for studies in India, for all differently-able-students
  • Only Indian Nationals are eligible

Rate of Scholarship &  other benefits under the scheme:-

  • Non-refundable fees shall be fully award of Govt/Govt-aid institution
  • Maintenance allowance will pay to the students for a period of 10 months in one academic year


  • Professional Graduate Courses:-

Maintenance allowance=Rs.2500/-(per month)     Stationery=Rs.6000/-(Per annum)

  • Professional Post-Graduate courses;-

Maintenance allowance=Rs.3000/-(per month)     Stationery=Rs.10000/-(Per annum)

Visually Handicapped Scholarships for PH Students;-
  • S.No.     Appliance     Estimate-cost(upto)
    1.Brailler / Brailler Typewriter = Rs. 10,000     For blind
    2.Laptop or Desktop +Screen reading software = Rs. 40,000     For blind
    3.Laptop or Desktop+Screen Magnification software =Rs. 60,000     For low vision

Hearing Handicapped;-

  • S.No.     Appliance     Estimate cost(up to)
    1.Binaural digital  hearing aid +annual provision of button cells- Rs 50,000 + Rs 3600 p.a.
    2.Cell phone with SMS SIM card-Rs 5,000
    3.Laptop or Desktop with WiFi (Blue tooth)-Rs 70,000

Orthopaedically Handicapped;-

  • S.No.     Appliance     Estimate-cost(up to)
    1. Laptop or Desktop     Rs. 40,000

Implementation of the Scheme;-

  • Financial assistance to pursue Degree or PG level technical/professional courses
  • Students who get admission in courses without facing any competitive examination will be eligible

Conditions for Scholarship:-

  • Selection of these students will be strictly on merit basis
  • Students pursue their education through correspondence would be eligible for scholarship
  • grace period shall be admissible for Girls & Students failing in category C-4 is of 2 years & for others’ 1 year
  • The annual income of the beneficiary/parent or guardian should upto-Rs. 3.00 lakh
  • preference shall be give to economically weaker students
Other Conditions for the Scholarship:-
  • Don’t put false statements/information
  • The student concern will be blacklist & debar for scholarship in any scheme forever
  • The conditions can be change at anytime at the discretion of the Govt of India

Procedure for application;-

  • An advance copy of the application should be submit on line
  • Each applicant shall be give a registration number on receipt of application
  • The screening committee shall examine applications quarterly &  the scholarship will disburse
  • grace period admissible for Girl Students &  Students failing in category C-4 is of two years

With the application the enclosures will have to furnish:-

  • Attest copies of certificates/mark sheets
  • Proof of annual income certificate
  • Attest copy of Disability certificate
  • Course fee receipt
  • Receipt/Invoice of eligible devices duly counter sign bythe institution
  • Attest copy of Aadhar Card
  • Succeeding year, a copy of the mark sheet of the preceding year

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