After BPC

I. Medicine / Life Sc. / Professional Degrees:

                   MBBS.          (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery)

                   B.D.S.        (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) 

                  BAMS.          (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery)

                  BHMS.         (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery)

                  BUMS.          (Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery)

                  BNYS.           (Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Systems )

                  BPT.               (Bachelor of Physiotherapy)

                  BPharm.    (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

                  B.V.Sc.          (Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Agriculture)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Horticulture)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Forestry)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Home. Science)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Fisheries/Aqua)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Sericulture)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Dairy Tech)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Nutrition/Dietetics’)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Food Tech)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Audio logy /Speech Therapy)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Cosmetology)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Optometry)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Bio-Medical)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Bio-Chemistry)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Bio-Tech/(B.Tech))

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Organic Chemistry)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Botany / Zoology)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Genetic Engg)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Nano-Tech)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Seed-Tech)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Geology)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Geo-Chemistry)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology)

                  B.Sc.              (Bachelor of Science in Microbiology)

B.Voc.            (Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Live Stock Production & Management)

B.Voc.            (Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Flori culture & Landscape…)

II. Double / Dual / Integrated Degrees: ( 5 years )

  • B.Sc + M.Sc
  • MSc (Optometry & Health Psychology)
  • Pharm.D
  • LLB
  • MA (Languages)
  • BA + MA
  • BSc + B.Ed

IV. Other Bachelor Degrees :

  • BHM &CT      (Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Tech.)
  • BHRM              (Bachelor of Human Resource Management)
  • BFA                   (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Applied/Paint/Photo/Sclp,)
  • BFT                  (Bachelor of Fashion Technology)
  • B.Des.             (Bachelor of Design in Fashion Designing)
  • B.Des.             (Bachelor of Design in Leather Designing)
  • B.Des.            (Bachelor of Design in Accessory Design)
  • B.Des.            (Bachelor of Design in Textile Designing)
  • B.Des.            (Bachelor of Design in Knitwear Design)
  • B.Des.            (Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication)
  • BA                    (Bachelor of Arts, in Psychology)
  • BA                    (Bachelor of Arts, )
  • B.Music        (Bachelor of Music)
  • BSW                 (Bachelor of Social work)
  • BAL                 (Bachelor of Arts in Languages)

V. Other Diploma Courses:

  • D.Ed.                (Diploma in Education)
  • D. Pharm.     (Diploma in Pharmacy)
  • DST                  (Diploma in Sugar Technology)
  • DFP                   (Diploma in Fish Processing)
  • DCP                  (Diploma in Clinical Pathology)
  • DReh               (Diploma in Rehabilitation)
  • DADes             (Diploma in Appeal Designing)
  • DDTech         (Diploma in Dialysis Technician)
  • DATech         (Diploma in Anastasia Technician)
  • DEM                 (Diploma in Emergency Medicine)
  • DFT                  (Diploma in Fashion Technology)
  • DFT                  (Diploma in Film Technology)
  • DMLT             (Diploma in Medical Lab. Tech.)
  • UGD.Phy-Ed  (Diploma in Physical Education)
  • DFD                 (Diploma in Footwear Design)
  • DBM                (Diploma in Business Management)
  • DEM                (Diploma in Export Management)
  • DSM                 (Diploma in Sales Management)
  • DT                     (Diploma in Tourism)
  • DSM                 (Diploma in School Management)
  • DHM                (Diploma in Hotel Management)
  • DFiSEngg.    (Diploma in Fire Safty)
  • DCP                  (Diploma in Computer Programming)
  • DHT                 (Diploma in Hardware Technology)
  • D.AirH           (Diploma in Air Hostess)
  • DJr                   (Diploma in Journalism)
  • DP                     (Diploma in Photography)
  • DDN                 (Diploma in Dietetics & Nutrition)
  • DLSTM            (Diploma in Live Stock Management)

Laboratory Services :  

  • 1) Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (Laboratory Technology Training Course)
  • 2) Certificate Course in Blood Banking / Transfusion Technology and
  • 3) B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology (under University of Health Sciences)B) Imageology :
  • 1) Certificate of Radiographic Assistant (C.R.A) course
  • 2) Cardiology Tech
  • 3) Diploma in Medical Imaging course
  • C) Cardiology Services:
  • 1) Electro cardiogram (E.C.G) Technician Training course
  • 2) Cardiology Technician Training course.
  • 3) Cath Laboratory Technician Training Course and
  • 4) Perfusion Technology Training Course.
  • D) Anesthesia Services:
  • 1) Anesthesia Technician Training course.
  • E) E.N.T.Services:
  • 1) Audio Metric Technician Training course.
  • F) Ophthalmic Services:
  • 1) Ophthalmic Assistant Course and
  • 2) Optometrist Course.
  • G) Dental Services:
  • 1) Dental Hygienist Course  and
  • 2) Dental Technician course.
  • H) Nephrology Services:
  • 1) Dialysis Technician Training course.
  • I) Multipurpose Health Worker (Male) course.
  • 1) Diploma  in Multipurpose Health Assistance (Male)


VI. Certificate & Professional  Courses:

  • Cosmetics
  • Dialysis Technician
  • Anastasia Technician
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Performing Arts
  • Foreign Languages
  • Literature
  • Library Science
  • Music / Dance
  • Jyothsiam
  • Human Rights
  • Pre-Primary Teacher’s
  • Early Childhood Ed.
  • Rural Development
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Air Ticketing
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