For Commerce Students:-

  1. M.Com          (Master of Commerce in Banking)
  2. M.Com          (Master of Commerce in Insurance)
  3. M.Com          (Master of Commerce in Computers)
  4. M.Com          (Master of Commerce in Enternumership)
  5. M.Com          (Master of Commerce in Co-Operative)
  6. M.Com          (Master of Commerce in Accounts & Finance)
  7. M.Com          (Master of Commerce in Education Management)
  8. M.Com          (Master of Commerce in Marketing Management)
  9. M.Com          (Master of Commerce in Labour Management)
  10. MBA               (Master of Business Administration)
  11. MHRM          (Master of Human Resource Management)
  12. MFA              (Master of Financial Accounts)
  13. MRM             (Masters Degree in Rural Management)
  14. CA                  (Chartered Accountant)
  15. CS                   (Company Secretary)
  16. MSW              (Master of Social Work)
  17. MA                 (Master of Arts)
  18. MA                 (Theatre Arts)
  19. ………………

Other Professional Degrees:-

  1. LLB              (Bachelor of Law)
  2. BCJ              (Bachelor of Communication & Journalism)
  3. B.Ed             (Bachelor of Education)
  4. B.P.Ed        (Bachelor of Physical Education)
  5. B.Li.Sc        (Bachelor of Library & Information Science)
  6. BPR             (Bachelor of Public Relations)
  7. ………………


MBA Electives:-

  • Honors
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Operations
  • International Business
  • Information Technology
  • Strategy
  • Hospital & Health care Management
  • Retail Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Pharma Management
  • Agricultural Business
  • Media Management

Other Job Oriented PG Diplomas:-


  1. PG Diploma in E-Commerce
  2. PG Diploma in Taxation
  3. PG Diploma in Personal Management & Industrial Relations
  4. PG Diploma in Ad & Sales
  5. PG Diploma in Business Management
  6. PG Diploma in Insurance
  7. PG Diploma in Marketing Management
  8. PG Diploma in Tourism
  9. PG Diploma in Office Automation
  10. PG Diploma in Disaster Management
  11. PG Diploma in Rural Management
  12. PG Diploma in International Business
  13. PG Diploma in Customer Relationship
  14. ……..


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